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The Life Management Program

How We See Things

At Kohl-Marx Counseling we realize that the eating-disordered experience involves the unhealthy, often unrelenting, repetition of certain mental, emotional, and physical responses to life’s more painful, confusing experiences. Very often, in seeking relief from this pain and confusion, a life purpose is born. That purpose is to lose weight.

Though there is temporary relief from doing so, losing weight does little to transform those unhealthy, repetitive systems or create a truly effective means of securing well-being. Changing patterns of thought and choice-making is what is essential. In order to learn how to do this there must first be a safe place to focus and study.

At Kohl-Marx Counseling the focus is on you. We focus on your understanding of the problems you are having with food and weight, on the manner in which you are approaching and managing these problems, then on the many means that are available to you to help you change what needs to be changed.

The emphasis is on education and support. You will learn how to create change. You will learn how newly-created healthy changes are governed and maintained. During the course of the program you will discover what has been standing in the way of your sense of safety and your recovery. Each new level of awareness will provide a cornerstone for growth and change and a fresh opportunity to create a happier life. It is our fondest wish to assist you in this creation.

Despite increased awareness and excellent treatment programs, the incidence of eating disordered conditions continues to rise. This program focuses on increasing intrapersonal awareness. It focuses on development of a strong self-care system that can withstand the pressures and demands of an eating disorder.


  • Psychoeducation
    40-52 week core program includes:
    • Nutrition Education and Counseling
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Education and Counseling
  • Individual Counsel
    • 45-minute sessions each week
  • Exercise Physiology
    • Ongoing instruction, weekly monitoring and support
  • Team Meeting with Staff
    • 30-minute review of progress and goals every 10 weeks
  • Crisis Intervention
    • Support during critical stages
  • Ongoing Support (additional fee)
    • 30-minute post-program sessions as needed