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Bonnie Marx | Debra Kohl

Bonnie Marx, RN, BSN, MSN

bonnie marxMs. Marx’s 24-year career in counseling evolved quite naturally from her nursing education and practice as a psychiatric nurse. A number of significant clinical experiences shaped her present philosophy of care and formed the foundation for the manner in which she works with her clients.

Of early significance was her introduction to holistic health care as integral to the practice of nursing. Ms. Marx learned that attending to every aspect of a person - body, mind, emotion, spirit - is vital to the healing process. That concept remains the heart of her current approach to counseling today as she assists her clients to recover and return to a place of wholeness.

After earning a diploma in nursing, Ms. Marx received a bachelor of science degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There followed a 4-year clinical internship in a research project involving the severely mentally ill. The stunning results of the study impacted significantly on her views of how people change and heal.

Ms. Marx witnessed the remarkable power of the mind, no matter how disturbed, to alter an unhealthy course of action in favor of a healthy one, given sufficient motivation. Ms. Marx’s enduring optimism in people’s ability to re-create their lives derives from these observations. She believes that, given the appropriate guidance, education, and tools, people can absolutely create happier, healthier lives. Her goal as a counselor is to provide her clients the opportunity to do just that.

Counseling became the sole focus of Ms. Marx’s practice. From the University of Wisconsin-Madison she received a master's degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing, the counseling credential from that discipline. As part of her master's project she developed her first holistic treatment program for compulsive overeating and began specializing in obesity and other eating-disordered conditions.

During her master's internship Ms. Marx received specific training in family and couples counseling. Her current practice includes helping families and couples forge healthier bonds and develop more effective, respectful ways of being together.

Ms. Marx also specializes in child abuse survivor issues, helping clients who have been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused repair the damages to self-esteem and self worth, and find their true voice and true identity.

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